Hi. You don’t know me but hopefully by reading this blog you’ll get to know me better and hopefully I’ll get to know myself better.

I’m a diagnosed sufferer of bi-polar disorder and anxiety and after trying drugs to help cope with it I’ve found life better without. However despite this I need an outlet for some of what I feel and this blog is going to be just one of these.

There’s a few things I want you to take away from this blog. Firstly if you’re not a mental illness sufferer I want you to read this and maybe understand a bit more what people go through. Secondly if you are a mental illness sufferer, hopefully it can help you in some way, but most importantly I hope it helps you realise you’re not alone.

Most importantly however I want you to read this blog as an overall positive thing. For me I have bad days and I have good days and more often than not I will write on the bad days because that’s when it is easier for me to write but this does not make this blog a negative place. Just by putting my feelings down, and even writing this now, it really helps me calm myself down and gives me a platform to express how I feel a bit more on a personal level.

Expressing myself at a personal level has always been difficult for me and while I do go to counselling and support groups this is going to be another outlet for those feelings.

I hope you enjoy reading what I write.



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