For the first time in 2 years I’ve finally found someone I connect with properly. Which is a really scary thing for me. I’m very good at screwing things up and I’m really trying not to and I’m also trying to freak out.
I can’t help thinking about “when you know, you know” because from the moment i properly started speaking to her I did know. Everything clicked. Everything fell into place. We’re very similar but we’re also quite different. We’re both very independent abound were both very ambitious but in different ways and for different things.

She visited me at the weekend and it felt so right, it didn’t feel unnatural,  it was like we’d known eachother for years. And yet. Everything is still new and I’m getting to know this absolutely wonderful person who I am just almost in awe of.

However we live 3 hours apart and that’s making it hard in the ‘getting to know eachother’ start of any relationship because I don’t see her enough.

All in all however, today is a positive day. I’m having a functional week of actually showing up to uni and getting all excited about this new relationship.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. Will share my adventures as they happen



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